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A roof asset management program is designed to help you maximize the value of your investment by providing comprehensive solutions for roof maintenance, repair, and replacement with the primary goal of maintaining and extending the life of the asset that protects your other assets.

About RAM

Founded in 2002, Roof Asset Management specializes in identifying roofng and building issues through a multi-dimensional approach including roof condition evaluation, infrared analysis, custom building maintenance and asset documentation programs, roof and specifcation design, and consulting for commercial, industrial, multi–use, and residential facilities.

RAM is unique in that our staff is comprised of individuals with experience that encompasses the entire roofing supply chain from material manufacturing to installation and upkeep. Our firm has an architect, a Registered Roof Consultant (RRC®), a Certifed Document Technologist (CDT), a Certifed Professional Roofng Contractor (CPRC) and a Certifed Construction Product Representative (CCPR) on staff.

Project Administration & Assurance Auditing
Regardless of how extensive the survey or how applicable the specifcations and drawings, the success of the project is largely dependent on the execution by the contractor.
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Visual Surveys
Roof Asset Management, Inc. provides some of the most extensive survey and inspection services in the industry. Because of RAM’s full-time involvement in the roofing and waterproofing industry, we are able to keep current with the many advancements and new products being introduced by product manufacturers.
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Infrared Survey & Analysis
Periodic infrared inspections of your roof system can be the most effective method of ensuring it lasts to the designed service life as well as reducing roof leaks and internal disruption.
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Custom Maintenance Programs
Roof Asset Management, Inc. can design a custom maintenance to ft the needs of your building or syndicate of buildings. Often, a roofs life can be lengthened with proper maintenance and and regular evaluation of the condition of the roof.
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Roof Specification Design
Roof Asset Management maintains an ongoing program of evaluating and analyzing new products and procedures in order to determine their usefulness to our clients needs. This knowledge of the industry enables us to provide the most applicable specifications for our clients utilizing new advancements and products.
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Benefits of an Asset Management Progam

Knowing the condition of your roof – residential, commercial, or industrial – is important for a single reason - your roof is the asset that protects your other assets.

A roof asset management program is a proactive approach to maintaining and managing a building's roof through regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs to prolong the life of the roof and ensure that it performs as intended.

Our approach to roof management is through a structured program of intelligent design, preventative maintenance, and continued evaluation. For problem roofs, we can provide single building evaluations and other traditional consulting services.

Extended life with predictable costs: Improved long-term usability of properties with predictable maintenance expenditures at a cost lower then a complete roof replacement.

Quick Repairs: a nuisance leak can develop into a major problem, degrading insulation and destroying a large portion of the roof assembly. Worse, it may cause issues with building tenants leading to additional monetary and reputational expense.

Adding value: Knowing the condition and makeup of a building’s roof can add value and peace of mind when attempting to sell the building. A roof maintenance program can provide documentation for potential owners of history, repairs, and upgrades.

Compliance with regulations: A roof asset management program can help ensure that a building's roof meets all applicable regulations, codes, and standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties or legal liabilities.

Improved energy efficiency: A well-maintained roof can help improve a building's energy efficiency by reducing air leaks and improving insulation. This can result in lower energy bills and a more comfortable indoor environment.